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    Author: Geoff Unger

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    The summer solstice is here, but summer still feels like a long way off.  Some of our local spots on the east side of the Sierra have road closures or roads are just barely getting ready to open for the season.  This is due to...

    Are you looking to skip the lines and get into the backcountry this winter? You’ll want to take your AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course Here’s what to expect on your course. The focus of the AIARE curriculum is getting out into the backcountry safely,  but your course has...

    The 2021 alpine climbing season is here.  Over the last month Sierra Mountain Guides has conducted trips from Matterhorn Peak in the north to Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney in the south.  A light winter means trail access is great to reach the sheltered...

    by SMG Guide Geoff Unger [Ed: Geoff offers the perspective of an accomplished IFMGA Mountain Guide who has recently come to explore and appreciate the Sierra Nevada as a world class destination for climbing and alpine guiding. Glad to have him on the SMG team!]  As the spring...