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    Author: Jediah Porter

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    It's official, the Palisade Traverse is my favorite High Sierra offering! What a grand adventure: Wilderness approach, snow, ice, lightweight camping, amazing rock climbing, difficult summit pinnacles, high altitude, and an accumulation of demands to the body. Like many trips conducted with...

    Dan G. and I just finished this year's version of our comprehensive "Sawtooth Mountaineering Seminar". Designed to be a thorough introduction to snow and rock mountaineering skills, the SMS is always a great time, in a great place, with the usual cast of great...

    "The American Mountain Guide’s Association (AMGA) is the premier source for training, credentials, and services for professional mountain guides andclimbing instructors in the United States." Becoming intimately familiar with the "training" portion of that organizational mission statement has become a large part of...

    On January 25 and 26 Neal W. came out from Chicago with a flexible and motivated attitude! Looking for an enjoyable two day snow-and-scramble adventure, he and I got set up to climb something near Convict Lake. We had fast and firm snow...

    We ran some excellent ice climbing programs during the Holiday '10-11 period. A custom day Christmas Eve, an Ice 101 12/26-27, another January 1-2, and a custom program January 2-3. It was a stormy, exciting time. Most notably, we...

    We at Sierra Mountain Guides pride ourselves on employing AMGA trained guides. And we keep ourselves motivated to continue training. We are also very proud of our friends and clients and fans that know how the AMGA training process works...