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    Avalanche Courses


    Courses designed to train backcountry travelers in Avalanche Rescue skills and increase participant likelihood of survival in an avalanche. Aimed at Providing skills and practice methods to be proficient at the Avalanche Rescue standard.

    Current Avalanche Courses

    The AIARE 1 is a decision making course for backcountry travelers wanting to learn to manage their personal and group risk and conduct the most effective companion rescue possible in the event of an accident.
    3 Days
    The newly redesigned AIARE 2 course is a great continued education for advanced backcountry travelers and team leaders.
    4 Days
    This one day avalanche rescue course is designed for AIARE 1 alumni and is a great way to kick the snow season into gear.
    1 Day
    This avalanche refresher ski tour is for those who have completed an AIARE Level 1 or Level 2 Course.
    1 Day
    All of our avalanche awareness courses and programs are offered on a privately scheduled basis and can be customized to the needs of the group.
    1 Day +