Backcountry Snow Report – May 13, 2014 – Season Wrap-up

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Well, it’s an early wrap-up for this season’s edition of the Backcountry Snow Report.

We may update again if something noteworthy happens with the weather, but overall things are settling in to their predictable spring patterns. Expect sunny warm days with cool nights to provide epic corn skiing above 10,500 to 11,000 feet for a little while yet. So far, we are not seeing any major sun cups or penitentes forming, which means I, for one, have not necessarily hung up the skis for the season. I do like corn, and on these days it will be a bountiful harvest on all aspects but steep, high north. On northerly aspects, don’t expect to find much powder worthy of the effort, until it snows again – if it snows again. Sun and wind have taken their toll on these slopes and couloirs and they will require several warm and sunny melt-freeze cycles to start to ski like spring. The snowline is creeping rapidly to over the 10,500 foot level and the alpine lakes are starting to shake off their icy skins early. This all makes for more walking to access the best available backcountry terrain. For sure, you will be able to ski some outstanding runs in the next couple weeks, but you will have to work for it a bit more and use some good timing.

We want to thank you all for checking out and sharing this season’s Sierra Backcountry Snow Report, brought to you by Sierra Mountain Guides. We hope that it helped you to feel more connected to the mountains and to increase your backcountry enjoyment. If you are transitioning to other Sierra mountain endeavors please tune in to our Alpine Conditions Report, now online for the summer season. Keep in touch, and pray for snow. Viva el Niño!

Bishop Skyline and desert

Bishop Skyline and desert

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