Jen Reynolds

Jen has lived in the Eastern Sierra for almost 20 years.  Born in Mammoth Lakes, she was taught to love the mountain life from a young age.  Jen’s passion for the mountains runs deep; from the highest peaks to the most remote lakes, it is the places least travelled which she enjoys experiencing most.  After taking a NOLS Alaskan Mountaineering Course, carrying 70 lb. packs, Jen vowed that fast and light was the only way to go.  Ever since completing her first thru hike of the John Muir Trail in 2002, Jen has realized the possibilities of lightweight backpacking, hiking the JMT several more times since and making countless forays into the lesser known corners of the range, usually with a fishing rod in hand.  She also has made many trips throughout the Sierra Nevada for ski tours, rock climbing adventures and peak bagging missions.  It is this intimate knowledge of her home mountains which she enjoys sharing most with people, and it is easy to feel her infectious energy when talking to her about wild and seldom done backcountry routes. When Jen isn’t in the mountains or adventuring somewhere new and exciting, she works as an EMT at the Mammoth Hospital.

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