Jenna Murano

Jenna is most at home in the mountains of the Eastern Sierra. A native to these mountains and a lifelong resident of this area, her passions lie in the backcountry. Jenna was born with a backpack on her back and skis on her feet. She is an accomplished snowboarder, an obsessed skier, avid rock climber, and loves to introduce others to the basics of the backcountry. She is a UC Santa Cruz graduate, has completed her level 2 AIARE avalanche course in 2013 and is a certified Wilderness First Responder.

“The mountains are a driving force in my life. They give me joy, humility, laughter, tears, a clear mind, clear air, peace, chaos, friends, cute boys, strong women, butterflies, balls, patience, strength, surprise, endurance, adventure, and the list goes on…  The mountains continuously offer something exciting; weather just taking in their view or moving amongst them.”

“Jenna was a spectacular guide.  She obviously knows her stuff on the trail but she was also very entertaining and knowledgeable about where we were going and what we were seeing.  You have a real gem in Jenna.” ~D. Alexander

“Jenna had a good sense of our energy levels, kept us fueled up and made the adventure extra special.” ~M. Thornton

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