Neil Satterfield

SMG Lead Guide & Owner
UIAGM/IFMGA Ski & Mountain Guide


Neil is a second generation mountain guide. Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Neil began climbing when he was six years old. A 20 year+ resident of the Eastern Sierra, Neil enjoys the close proximity to backcountry skiing, rock climbing and alpine peaks. “After guiding and climbing in many different countries I am still in awe of how cool the East Side is. I still have more than a lifetime worth of climbing to do in my backyard.” Neil is an international UIAGM & AMGA ski and mountain guide. In addition, he is an avalanche and snowboard instructor, as well as a local ski patroller. Neil has climbed extensively in the United States as well as in South America, Mexico, Europe and Africa.

“Seriously, my humblest congratulations go out to Neil. I have known Neil for nearly 20 years and, despite that baggage, would trust my life to his backcountry skills anywhere, anytime and in any situation.”Kreighton B.
“Neil was VERY safe. Felt very reassured even in the tricky spots.”Andrew Lewicky
“Neil was great! An excellent instructor with vast knowledge.”D.Hustic
“Neil was an awesome guide and really made our trip spectacular. I will use him as a guide again and would definitely recommend him to a friend!”S.McGillicuddy
the Satterfields

the Satterfields

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