Eastern Sierra Backcountry Snow Report – August 1, 2017

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Alrighty, this is kind of a joke at this point, but I wanted to put a wrap on the backcountry report at some ridiculously late point in the summer. We stopped guiding the backcountry about a month ago. The irony is though that people are still getting out there and having fun. Sure, it’s summer, and you do have to hike those boards in a ways, but there are still a few places where the hike is not that far, such as: the Mammoth Crest, Saddlebag Lake area, Mount Dana, and others. Snow is finally starting to get a bit more textured by sun cups on the steep north slopes in some places. Any snow left on sunny slopes is pretty much hideous, but most of that has disappeared. After a crazy breakup and runoff transition this summer, the snow is finally beginning to age and the sun is getting lower in the sky every day. Temperatures remain very warm, and this is actually helping to keep the skiing good. At Mammoth Mountain, the conditions have been surprisingly outstanding. They plan to stay open for shredding in the mornings until August 6th with a few runs off of the top, Chair 23, and Chair 3. Great way to get out of the heat!

Thanks for tuning in to this report this season. It was perhaps the best ever from the standpoint of both snow quantity and quality over a long 6+ month Sierra season. Truly extraordinary. Go through our Instagram and Facebook posts and you can see a good recap. So many people out there getting after it, with relatively few reported incidents/accidents. Now it feels like waiting for the new season of Game Of Thrones. You’ll just have to binge watch some other Netflix show while you wait – in other words, enjoy the summer of climbing, cycling, swimming, running, etc. Get outside and enjoy the mountain playground. Experience the range in it’s naked summer form. This will help give you a better awareness of terrain when winter comes again with its blanket of snow. Check out our Alpine Conditions Report too as it occasionally comes out. It will be interesting to see how much Sierra snow lingers through the fall. It might make for a better early season to come. See you then!

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