Eastern Sierra Ice Report – April 18, 2019

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Hi Ice climbers! Tax season may be over but the Ice is still holding on in Lee Vining Canyon. I was out guiding Ice last Tuesday and was happy to find ideal ice climbing conditions. We had a good hard freeze over night and even a few inches of fresh snow fell overnight. The road in has improved and is less rutted and muddy as much of the water and frozen mud has dried. We brought snowshoes in the car but did not use them or need them on the way in or out. Overall the approach was really well filled in and we only had a few post hole moments in the initial talus field. The main wall has 3 horizontal fractures and I’m personally not even planning to walk under it this season as a large collapse is bound to happen in the upcoming days to weeks. Chouinard falls is thick and well bonded from the center to the right sides. The left side is still climbable but starting to get thin and hollow. We got several pitches and the ice stayed nice and solid till about 2PM when the surface ice started to get really soft. Please let us know if anyone gets out there. In the next few weeks. It may be a race to see who is going to get the last day of swinging tools in Lee Vining for this season.

Enjoy the conditions Photos.

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