Eastern Sierra Ice Report – December 14,2018

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Hey there California Ice Climbers.  It’s that time of year and we are officially into our ice season this year.

There have been loads of folks calling our office asking about ice conditions and social media posts have been going off with amazing ice in places like Canada, Montana, Wyoming, and even Colorado!

Ice has been a little slower to get fat here but fear not… its in and people have been getting out and climbing ice these past few weeks 🙂

We have had a great start to our winter here in the eastern Sierra.  Early season storms in combination with the short days and cold temps have given us some great conditions for ice formation. Admittedly I have not been up on the ice yet this season as a few early season storms made the skiing epic here in Mammoth … and a wicked sinus infection has knocked me out for a few weeks.

New boots for ice this season are in the mail and I’m stoked to get out and finally swing some tools!!! we have had a few bookings already for private ice days and have space left on our ice 101 programs for the remainder of 2018 if you are looking to get some laps in this year.


Overall the theme is that the ice is in and climbable but still a little thin. The approaches have more snow on them than we had last year into late February, and the creek crossing is back to normal and it appears as though Edison power is finished with their repairs at the Poole Power Plant.

As an early season reminder … Please be respectful with parking and avoid any actions that may limit access.  Please remember that ice in June Lake and Lee Vining canyon crosses Souther California Edison Power Private Property

Lee Vining Canyon

The approach is in decent shape with a boot pack in from several parties hiking to the ice.  This may change this Sunday night/ Monday morning with a few inches of fresh snow that could make the partially filled in talus field a little more treacherous. The road into Poole power plant is mellow for a 2wd car.


June Lake Ice

June Lake ice is formed in well for early season. There are some interesting drips all over Carson Peak for those willing to adventure up for some thin and virgin ice.

Roadside ice is formed up on the left side though the right section is still in “mixed conditions”. The road is gated at the power plant but the approach is pretty friendly all the same 🙂

Horstail falls is formed up fat and the water running behind the ice is low flow currently which helps to reduce the amount of spray ice forming there.


Arwa Perumal Slaying the Roadside Ice Approach

Horsetail Falls (12/12/ 2018)

Horsetail Falls (12/12/2018)

Road Side Ice (12/12/2018)

Left Flow of Road side ice (12/12/2018)




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