Eastern Sierra Ice Report – December 17, 2016 ***Special Video Update***

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Hi California Ice Climbers!!!

Welcome to the ever changing saga of ice melt and growth….Finally we have some good conditions for the ice to thicken and form with exciting new drips all over the place.  We have our first Video ice report for the season with special footage filmed by SMG Guest Joost Daniels from our Ice 101 this weekend.

Lee Vining Canyon

Our in depth video report from today….Check it out!!!

Details about:

  • Snow amounts
  • Avalanche observations
  • Approach
  • Climbing Conditions

Horsetail Falls

The volume of water at horsetail falls has significantly decreased and the amount of ice has increased around this area – lets keep our eye on what the next several cold nights do to this venue

Horstail falls 12/17/2016 – Photo Joost Daniels

Roadside Ice –

After a week of shrinking down to nothing (see our last report for comparison photos) we are finally starting to grow some significant ice.  It was amazing to see how much can grow in 1 really cold night with some good moisture present.

Roadside Ice 12/17/2016 – Photo Joost Daniels


Other Ice Areas

I observed several flows of water ice in the area that are extremely rare…there was a flow on crystal crag that we observed yesterday while ski touring and a few areas on the north end of the June Lake loop in the vicinity of the Silver Lake Resort as well as near the Canyon just south of Grant Lake. These ephemeral drips may have just the perfect conditions for a fun adventure for those willing to hunt around.

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