Eastern Sierra Ice Report – December 18

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Hey there Ice climbers – cold temps and short days are giving us great conditions for the ice to grow. Several groups of climbers have been getting out since our Ice report last week.  The ice is still overall thin but there are some great sticks. We had a small storm system early this week that gave us about 6-8 inches at higher elevations.  This should help out with getting some moisture to help the ice grow.  Overall great early season conditions for us this year.  We have a high pressure ridge that is developing which should help with some melt freeze ice formation.

Thank you to folks that have been willing to share photos and conditions for these reports. This report was supported by Elmar, Sam K., and Luke L. Thank you for your willingness to share photos and conditions

June Lake Ice –

We have had a few friends out climbing in June Lake this past week.  Roadside is still thin but taking stubbies. North Gully is thin. We got the following report from Elmar.

North Gully

“I Climbed the north gully on horsetail this afternoon with Doug N. I believe we’re the first party to do the gully this season. Overall pretty mixed conditions ranging from solid ice to all sorts of mixed stuff: ice with a foot and a half of snow on top (the low angle trough in the bottom third), wet crystalized layers near the top, lots of running water and hollow sounds underneath in a few places.  that said, all srews were solid and we had a really good time.
The approach was really low key.  dirt/easy snow mix on the way up, easy snow on the way across.”
Sam K. was willing to share some additional photos and conditions for June Lake from this past weekend…
“Road Side, North Gully, & Horse tail. Roadside is pretty soft and thin, but it took stubbies. Climbed the the left flow on horsetail as well, bottom half is really fun but there was a lot of shedding from above which was kind of sketchy. Needs to get a little colder and both right/left will be looking good. North Gully looks likes it needs to form up a bit more.”

Lee Vining Ice

Lee Vining Ice is coming in well and several parties have been in there. Luke L. was out there last Friday (Dec 14) and shared some photos for Ice Conditions.

The approach to Chouinard Falls. (Dec 14 L. Lydiard)

Main wall still looking thin but climbable. (Dec 14 L. Lydiard)

Main Wall and Chouinard Falls. (Dec 14 L. Lydiard)

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