Eastern Sierra Ice Report – February 16-17, 2017

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Major busy week for Avalanche activity – fun midweek high pressure with weekend storms!!

Hi all conditions were very rowdy over this past dynamic week with a storm last weekend and another one currently dumping snow on us with the combination of some warm sunny days and winds we have had a lot of avalanche activity in the canyon…far more than typical!!!

Last Sunday was the first clear day with lots of solar radiation cooking the snowpack and there was lots of natural slide activity.  Large natural avalanches ran pretty big burying sections of the bootlick.  Today (2/17) there were many small loose dry snow avalanches and small pockets that were being triggered naturally with the rapid snow accumulation in lee vining.  We have been carrying Avalanche gear and being intentional about mitigating avalanche risk as much as possible.

Be safe out there and enjoy the ice report video….


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