Eastern Sierra Ice Report – February 21

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Hey there Eastern Sierra Ice Climbers….Winter is back (or showing another glimpse for a few days). Cold temps and small dustings of snow are giving us a chance to hang on to the ice season here on the east side. I had 4 days of Ice Guiding between 2/15 and 2/18. Not much has changed since our last report. Tatum falls came and went… North Gully is still great but thin, Roadside has Ice to TR but to thin to lead… Main wall is still thin at the bottom. Chouinard Falls is still fat, hero and sticky with as we found out on Saturday. There are six different lines that can be independently lead with ropes hanging, and without interfering with other climbers.

The approach is actually better than our last report since the snow has melted on the initial talus field. Overall cold temps and new moisture on the horizon should help our cause for maintaining the ice and keep the season going for a while longer.

Keep checking back for changing conditions


Chouinard Falls 2/18 (Ash Gambhir Photo)

Main wall looking way fatter last year to compare wit the photo from this year (Ash Gambhir Photo)

Main wall looking a little thinner on 2/18 (Ash Gambhir Photo)



Chouinard was fat and sticky though a little wet on both 2/ 16-17. The ice in the background below the green bridge was looking fat and had groups climbing on the both days that I was there.

Tatum was looking good the morning of the 15th and fully melted out by the afternoon of the 18th

Viren Perumal brings guests up to the top of the 1st pitch on North Gulley

Comrades corner took rock gear and had some brittle ice on the upper section though was a fine lead for some thin ice practice. (2/17)

Groups have been venturing to the upper ice to find fat ice and is only a short ways past chouinards. Care should be given to the creek crossing and it is best to cross down low to avoid the full volume of the creek. We witnessed a really scary “near miss” with a group from a climbing club on Saturday with someone falling through the ice in an bad spot.

Chouinard Falls Staying Fat

Main wall still staying thin though there was a brave rope soloist tapping away at the thin ice on plumb line on Saturday 2/18

Jeremy is stoked after topping out the 3 pitch North Gully in June Lake … 2/18 it was 100 MPH winds and lifts were closed at Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain however we found wind sheltered fun climbing

Main wall – LVC 2/18

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