Eastern Sierra Ice Report – February 6, 2017 (Windpocolypse with Avy observations and Tahoe Ice)

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Hey Ice Climbers….we have another dynamic week of ice climbing to dive into with this weeks report!!! Check out our video below…Highlights include the Narrows Getting thinner and hooked out, Bard Harrington climbable on many different routes, Mainwall being fat, and Chouinards being hooked out and filled in nicely.  Avy danger has been real, and many inexperienced parties have been walking through terrain traps and not carrying avy gear or floatation for the approach. Please remember if you are top roping you can hook rather than swinging on the thinner ice to help save some of the ice for those wishing to not make this seem like a peg board. If you want the peg board experience check out the Ouray Ice park for the ultimate crowded picked out ice climbing paradise!! Please avoid bringing a large group and toproping all day on the first 10 Meters of a 80M classic route on the main wall… this happened on Saturday. I know we have a free country but recognize that there is lots of WI 2 to set up topropes on but it is poor form to toprope WI 2 all day with a group on the start of the steepest ice in the canyon (Caveman on the main wall)

***last note if you are reading this report…please take the extra 30 seconds to walk to a spot to pee where no body else may want to stack their rope or put their pack…I encountered many spots at the base area that were some of the only flat spots out of the ice fall to belay where folks decided to use as a bathroom.  Lets keep ice climbing respectful and not piss on other peoples experiences once we leave the canyon 🙂


Check the weather and Avalanche Conditions prior to ice climbing….If your friend is taking you ice climbing…Make sure they are medically trained, have Avalanche training, and know how to lead a group in a remote backcountry area….GO With A Pro!!!!

Lee Vining Video Ice Report…

 June Lake Ice Climbing

At SMG we have been avoiding the lower angle ice due to the snow that is burying it…We had friends that tried to climb at roadside Ice in June Lake this sunday…they left because there were ropes strung up on every route there…it seems that everyone who was at LVC decided to go to June Lake on Sunday… which was sweet because we had Lee Vining to ourselves. It sounds like Horsetail Falls was pretty buried under snow due to the low angle nature.  Reports from friends that tried to climb steeper ice left of Tatum Falls last week on the pap smear made it sound like the rock collected plenty of solar heat and started to thin out some of the rowdy routes there


Tahoe Area Ice


We had verbal reports that the ice was great in the Eagle Lake Wilderness…Whiskey Creek Area


Donner pass looked fun…from our Friend Erik Moore…

This is at Rainbow the big flow that I saw last year was covered in snow and not in. This is the smaller wall located down and left from the main cliff. Only about 30′ with a large snow pack on top of the cliff

The Tunnels on Donner Summit had some excellent thick ice on the inside the Second tunnel seemed to have better ice flows, we hit the mouth of the Tunnel on the way out and it was a bit drippy and seemed a bit fragile. Nothing was taller than 30′ headlamps advised…


  1. Amen to the peeing and top roping the bottom 20m of leadable long routes!

    And thanks for the weekly reports!

    Veraun and Kris (the two guys from Vegas)

    1. Author

      Thanks guys… I feel bad calling out other recreational climbers about unethical behavior…its a free country after all but when folks impact others experiences like Peeing on the only places where people flake their ropes and top rope all day on the first 30 feet of the steepest ice route in the canyon I feel like something should be said!! thanks for the support and stoked to see you two out there again.

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