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    Cancel the return flight

    by: Guide Lyra Pierotti

    I think I made a big mistake purchasing a round trip plane ticket for my trip to the Dolomites. Should have just gotten a one-way.

    I just about passed out on our descent from Passo Falzarego. It may have been from having to skip lunch and run in cirlces to buy my bus ticket here and catch it there after finally locating the one person who could tetris together my complicated transportation needs; or perhaps the jet lag was catching up to me again; I suppose it could have been the fumes from the German cyclists who were airing out their socks in the bar at the passo; or perhaps again, it was just that stunning. I like to think the latter.

    Either way, after a lovely couple of days visiting my mom and family friends Cate and Walt in Venice, I finally arrived in Badia, otherwise known at Abtei. In the south Tyrol, everything is in Italian and German. I had much more luck using Abtei. No idea why, but here I am. Abtei. Don’t say Badia, everyone gets confused.
    Stay tuned for some more spectacular photos (no compliment to myself, I think I could close my eyes and click the shutter and have a beautiful shot), and plenty of adventures as my client, Dan and I explore this mountainous Italo-German fusion land.

    I am hoping to find this fusion beneficial to both cultures: perhaps buses and trains will run on schedule despite the fact that I’m still in Italy; and maybe the Germans have gotten a lesson in olfactory aesthetics.