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    Evolution Traverse, July 2012

    Evolution Traverse, July 2012

    “When will I stop doing the hardest thing I have ever done?” 

    Jon A., July 2012, high in the Evolution Peaks.

    The Evolution Traverse (VI 5.9) as seen from its final peak.
    That is a great question for any of us!  What ever possesses us to do these things?  Needless to say, Jon does not shirk from challenge.  We have already expounded on his prodigious apetite for facing big endeavors with a hard-core work ethic and tough-to-the-soul grit.  Jon’s self-awareness, the detachment that allows him to question these things, does nothing to make these efforts less intense.  For an athlete, the Evolution Traverse is little more than rocks and weather and effort.  For the more philosophical type, tackling the big questions through climbing heightens the experience to nearly life-altering status.   What’s not to love about heightening an experience?!  

    In any case, words and pictures, this soon after an event of this magnitude, do little to capture it all.  That being said, here you are. looking.  Check us out, and stay tuned as Jon and I “process” all this (not to mention eat and sleep and socialize).  
    Early on the route, partway up Mt. Gould

    Darwin Summit campsite.

    Day 3, foul weather threatens.  You know you’re on a big route when just part of it is getting rained on.

    Movement is the name of the game.  Constant movement…

    “How many peaks have we climbed?

    You don’t know how good green grass can look and feel and smell. Cruising in “the glow” down at Evolution Lake

    A week later, now… (July 30, 2012)

    Jon and I are still recovering and adapting.  Physical repercussions continue to manifest.  “Processing” what this route means continues.  I am spinning my legs and lungs at about 60% of capacity.  Jon’s fingers are delaminating in a big way.  My laundry just got washed this morning.  Jon’s enthusiastic and hyperbolic characterizations of the value of this adventure we shared demonstrate a mind clearly still addled by the altitude.   
    “you gave me an adventure of a lifetime…you ever need to be bailed out of jail or ‘get rid’ of a body just call,  I owe you one”  -The ever-quotable Jon A. July 30, 2012