Holiday Ice Climbing 2010/11

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We ran some excellent ice climbing programs during the Holiday ’10-11 period. A custom day Christmas Eve, an Ice 101 12/26-27, another January 1-2, and a custom program January 2-3. It was a stormy, exciting time. Most notably, we were the first ones in after the pre-Christmas “Snow-pocalypse”. We broke trail, found the ice almost completely plastered with “Snice” and the canyon bottom filled in with huge piles of avalanche debris. Immediately following Christmas the creek draining Ellery Lake started flowing at what must have been 4 or 5 times the normal flow. We dealt with tricky crossings, collapsing snow bridges, random waist-deep slush and crevassed piles of avalanche debris. Crazy! Finally, windy snowy weather was the theme, with guides and students alike learning ever more about taking care of ourselves in adverse conditions.
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