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    Middle Palisade Peak

    Middle Palisade Peak

    Tom and his godson Michael stayed in one of the cabins at the Glacier Lodge the night before we started our climb.  I met them at their cabin in the morning and we enjoyed the cowboy coffee and delivered breakfast as we chatted about our upcoming trip.  After breakfast we packed up and headed up the South Fork of Big Pine Creek.  Our destination was Finger Lake and after some great views, rain showers, and nice lunch we found ourselves at camp.  We set up the tents in the rain and dove in to stay somewhat dry.  The skies dried up in the early evening and allowed us to have a nice dinner and enjoy the last rays of sun.  We got an alpine start the next morning to beat the forecasted thunder/snow storm.  Our early start allowed us to enjoy an amazing sunrise and we climbed to the summit through some new snow from an earlier storm.  We left the summit before lunch and descend through the building clouds. After getting back to camp we packed up and trekked through the rain back to the cars.  It ended up being a long but great day.  Thanks go out to Tom and Michael for being great company and doing an awesome job on a challenging climb! 
    Michael and Tom

    Climbing to camp through the clouds.

    Camp at Finger Lake

    Middle Pal with new snow.

    Alpine Start.

    The East Face of Middle Palisade bathed in alpine glow .

    Michael getting the the base of the East Face.

    Climbing through new snow.

    Michael on the Summit 14,012ft.

    Looking to the South from the summit.

    Tom is not a crook.

    Descending through the clouds.

    Heading back to the car.