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    MT. Whitney Sept 2011

    MT. Whitney Sept 2011

    We had a great trip up Mt. Whitney via the Mountaineer’s Route with JP S. and Collin D., September 2-4, 2011. Weather and conditions were outstanding. Three springs are flowing strong on the trail before the climb to Iceberg Lake. There was no snow at all on the route. We did not see many other parties in spite of being there on Labor Day weekend. There was some trash on the trail, which we collected on our way down.

    This was an amazing couple of climbers who should both be very proud of their performance. Apprehensions and physical challenges were met with courage and tenacity. It was an unforgettable experience for us all.  We had some good laughs too. It was an absolute pleasure for me to spend time in the mountains with these great folks and I hope to have the opportunity again sometime soon!
                                                                                                              – Howie

    JP on TOP of Whitney, 14,497!!!

    JP  & Howie enjoying the early morning sunrise
    JP psyched on the adventure!