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    Peter Croft Joins SMG!

    Peter Croft Joins SMG!

    Sierra Mountain Guides is very excited to announce that Peter Croft has joined our roster of accomplished guides. That’s right! All of you will have access to one of the most prolific and experienced rock climbers our community has ever known.

    Peter truly is a veteran of the Eastern Sierras and to say that he knows these Mountains like the back of his hand is an understatement. There really is no one better equipped to show you the ropes of this amazingly beautiful terrain. To see the Sierras through his eyes is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be passed up!

    Winter is an amazing time to climb in the Eastern Sierra.  With more climbable days than Joshua Tree and direct flights to Mammoth you are going to have to try hard to find a reason not to come out. 

    Climbing Program Options with Peter: 

    1. 3 Day climbing weekend
    Dates: February 19-21 and April 1-3
    2. Custom Climbing with Peter
    Dates: Custom dates

    Check out our website for more information on Peter and the exciting programs to come. Sign up today for the trip of a lifetime.