AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course


This one avalanche rescue course is designed for AIARE 1 alumni and is a great way to kick the snow season into gear. Review and practice the backcountry decision-making framework and upgrade companion rescue skills in a primarily field- based format. Minimum of 3 to run.

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AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course

AIARE Avalanche Course

The AIARE Avalanche Course is a 1 day (8+ hour) course that will:

  • Train backcountry travelers in Avalanche Rescue skills
  • Increase participant likelihood of survival in an avalanche
  • Emphasize that education and avoiding getting caught in an avalanche is the best plan; rescue is a backup in case everything goes wrong
  • Provide skills and practice methods to be proficient at the Avalanche Rescue standard
  • Promote a culture of routing avalanche rescue practice and attendance of an Avalanche Rescue course every two years


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