AIARE Avalanche Awareness Tour Day


This avalanche awareness ski tour is for those who have completed an AIARE Level 1 or Level 2 Course. These courses provide an introduction to concepts and skills that have to be practiced often enough, over multiple seasons, with mentorship and critical feedback. Due to the short format of these courses, and the considerable curriculum they cover, they can only offer a minimum of time preparing for and executing backcountry trips. Courses lay the foundation, then it is up to you to accumulate experience in different conditions with different groups of individuals. Our scheduled AIARE Avalanche Awareness Tours help to refresh and reinforce course concepts and offer easy access to a mentor to help you maximize development of critical backcountry situational awareness and decision making skills. This will help keep you growing toward being a better team member over time. We recommend our AIARE Avalanche Awareness Tour Day for anyone looking to continue their growth and development after an AIARE 1 or 2 program, or those wanting to refresh at the start of, or during, a season.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, in 2020/21 enrollment will require good internet access and a device in the early morning of the trip for a “virtual” pre-trip meeting.
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AIARE Avalanche Awareness Tour Day

It is required that all participants have taken an AIARE 1 or 2. We focus on terrain analysis and selection, tour planning, avalanche hazard management, movement skills, and tour leadership skills.

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