Backcountry Skiing 201


This is a great course for experienced backcountry enthusiasts who want to learn techniques to go farther, faster, longer, bigger, and steeper, yet still have the energy to enjoy the goods.

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Backcountry Skiing 201

Access more of the goods! This 2-day course is designed for the skier with the knowledge and experience to go to the backcountry already, but is ready to take the next step toward increasing safety, efficiency, and enjoyment of all aspects of ski touring. This course ties in well after an AIARE 1 Avalanche Course and builds upon those skills in natural progression. We focus on terrain analysis and selection, tour planning, avalanche hazard management, movement skills, and tour leadership skills. By the end of this course you should feel confident to lead complex tours beyond the normal roadside attractions in good style and with maximum safety and enjoyment.


TRIP ITINERARY: Backcountry 201
Day 1 Meet your guide in the town of Mammoth Lakes for an introduction and review of Planning and Preparing a backcountry tour as learned in your AIARE 1 Avalanche course. Conduct a backcountry tour led partly by the guide and partly by you with coaching from the guide. Curriculum will be experiential but will address advanced concepts of tracksetting and routefinding, risk management, terrain selection and travel techniques, avalanche hazard mitigation, time management, field observations, group dynamics and communication, and emergency rescue response. In the evening, you will plan the next day's tour as a group.
Day 2 Conduct a full day mountain tour as conditions and the group dictate. Continued work on movement efficiency, downhill group management techniques, transitions, use of ice axe and ski crampons, intro to managing fall hazards, decision making, navigation, whiteout management, and post-trip debriefing. Close the course with a recap of the lessons learned and a personalized recommendations for continuing your backcountry ski skills development.

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    5 out of 5

    A great course to increase my confidence in the Backcountry. Good instruction to review early season every year!

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