Breakthrough! with Peter Croft


Let Peter Croft coach you to a breakthrough in your outdoor climbing ability in this 2-day instructional program with one of the most accomplished rock climbers in the world.


Breakthrough! with Peter Croft

If you have never reached a plateau in your rock climbing ability then you haven’t been climbing long enough. Whether you are stuck at 5.8 or aspiring to break into the 5.12’s, we all experience the roadblocks to progressing as the mind and body struggle to adopt new movements required to climb harder than we ever have before. Fitness and mileage on the rock are critical for improving skills over time, but key coaching at the right time can significantly accelerate your progression. Peter has the rare coaching ability that comes from experience to analyze a climber and communicate effectively. Peter’s familiarity with the Owens River Gorge and the Eastern Sierra enable him to guide you to the routes that are going to teach you necessary lessons of vertical movement. Climbing with Peter will absolutely inspire you to breakthrough to the next level of achievement!


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