Get Educated Avalanche Course with Kimmy Fasani & Chris Benchetler


Professional Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani and her husband professional skier Chris Benchetler join forces with Sierra Mountain Guides to provide an introduction to back country awareness class on December 20, 2020. This class has been designed for individuals with little to no back country experience but with a desire to learn more before traveling into the mountains. This class will take participants into the local range to gain first hand visuals of avalanche terrain, while discussing risks and skills needed to be more avalanche savvy. The day will be spent outside with an emphasis on understanding proper gear to use, rescue skills to have, and educated decision making and planning procedure. The hope with this course is to promote a desire for further education and provide a culture of rescue practice and awareness  before heading into the mountains.

December 20, 2020

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Get Educated Avalanche Course with Kimmy Fasani & Chris Benchetler

Get Educated Avalanche Course is a 1 day (8+ hour) outdoor/tour course that will:

  • Discuss necessary equipment for back country travel
  • View avalanche terrain and evaluate risks
  • Introduction into avalanche forecasting and reading bulletins and how it pertains to planning back country travel
  • Train backcountry travelers in Avalanche Rescue skills
  • Increase participant likelihood of survival in an avalanche with F.A.C.E.T.S-Human Factors Discussion
  • Emphasize that education and avoiding getting caught in an avalanche is the best plan; rescue is a backup in case everything goes wrong
  • Provide skills and practice methods to be proficient at the Avalanche Rescue standard
  • Promote a culture of routing avalanche rescue practice and attendance of an Avalanche Rescue course every two years
Basic gear is needed and Touring set up or snowshoes are also is needed for this class. Dress warm for a day outside and bring a thermos/water bottle to stay hydrated and warm. 

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