High Sierra Peak Descents – North


The Eastern Sierra is well-known for its easy access to hundreds of ski summits. Nothing beats ripping turns off an alpine summit and then sniffing the desert sage of the valley bottom. For skiers who want to rise above the crowds and ski from a mountaintop!

This program requires a minimum of 2 to run on these scheduled dates at this promotional price, and will have a maximum guiding ratio of 4:1. We are happy to arrange this program on a custom, private basis. Click HERE for details.



High Sierra Peak Descents - North

The northern zone of the Sierra Eastside

The northern zone of the Sierra Eastside

The Eastern Sierra is world famous for its easy access to ski summits of all sizes. Nothing beats the satisfaction of climbing a mountain, ripping turns off of an alpine summit and then sniffing the desert sage of the valley bottom. The Northern section of the Eastern Sierra is known for it’s deep snowpack and easy access to big mountain lines.

On our Peak Descents – North program, your guide will choose 2 amazing Eastern Sierra peaks in the greater Mammoth area for quality of skiing, mountain hazard considerations, overall mountain aesthetics, peak “summit skiability,” and group profile. We may go as far north as Virginia Lakes, above Conway Summit, and as far south as Rock Creek above Tom’s Place.  Each peak on this program will be done from the valley as a day tour with day 1 lasting from 6-8 hours and day 2 being a bigger line that may take 10-12 hours maximum. You will need to arrange your own level of lodging in or around Mammoth Lakes, and we are happy to help you with that logistic. This gives the program maximum flexibility and allows a nice evening of rest in town or at local hot springs, between peak descents. We plan to climb and descend 3000-4000 vertical feet on day 1 and 4000-5000 feet on day 2, both with possible skiing up to 45 degrees in steepness. This scheduled program is not for the uninitiated and demands advanced backcountry skiing skills and experience and excellent mountain fitness.


TRIP ITINERARY: High Sierra Peak Descents - North

Day 1 Meet your guide in the morning in the town of Mammoth Lakes. The guide will reveal the plan and we will transport to the ski destination. Ski a local warm-up peak up to around 8 hours max roundtrip and descend to spend the night in or around Mammoth. There are plenty of places to go to for dinner and rehydration and there are natural hot springs located several miles south of town throughout the Long Valley. The guide will let you know the plan for the next day which will likely include an alpine start.
Day 2 Early start! Ski a big peak. Anticipate a big day out of up to 10 hours or so and ideally don't plan to drive a very long distance at the end of the day.

Additional Information

  • Advanced-expert downhill skiing skills
  • Ability to control speed and execute fall-line turns in control and comfort in difficult snow conditions (deep powder, heavy and/or moist snow, breakable crust, firm or icy, etc.)
  • Ability to execute hop turns on 40 degree+, firm slopes, coming to a complete and immediate stop at the finish of each turn
  • Ability to sideslip forward and backward, with edge control, on steep, firm slopes
  • Experience ski touring in the backcountry using ski touring equipment (boots, bindings, skins, transceiver, shovel, probe, etc.
  • Ability to make uphill facing kick-turns in an uphill track on a slope
  • Very good fitness
  Trip Cost Inclusions:
  • AMGA Trained/Certified Ski Guide
  • Avalanche Rescue Equipment Rental (Transceiver, Shovel, & Probe) as needed
  Trip Cost Exclusions:
  • Personal ski touring and mountain gear  (we have some items for rent)
  • Lodging & transportation
  Check out this trip slideshow from a local Eastern Sierra Peak Descent: Esha  


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