Rock Rescue & Movement Clinic


Description of 3- Day Course:

Take your sport climbing to the next level! You’ll spend 2 days focusing your movement on the rock, while learning how to fall safely, and tips for projecting to push to the next grade. You’ll also learn how to climb outside safely by learning skills like how to properly clean an anchor. There will also be an entire day spent on self rescue, tools that anyone climbing outdoors should have.

Dates: November 20-22 2020

Cost for 3 Day Clinic: $770


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Rock Rescue & Movement Clinic

3-Day Itinerary:

Movement on Rock (2 days)

  1. Climbing movement on granite. We will work on sport moves and crack climbing
  2. Cleaning sport anchors
  3. Falling
  4. Projecting

Rock Rescue Clinic: 1 day

b.    Pick offs (single pitch)

c.    Full rescue for multipitch:

  • hauling 3:1 / 6:1
  • lowering victim with plate and munter
  • Baseline
  • ascending
  • Knots and hitches
  • Materials needed for a rescue

d.    Knot Pass

  • core shot in rope how to pass the knot to keep descending

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September 4-7


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