Sabre Ridge Climbing Camp – Sequoia National Park

A 6-day packer and cook supported pilgrimage to the heart of the Southern Sierra, Sequoia National Park, and some of the best alpine rock climbing in the entire range. Interested yet?

We recommend this program to be run at a 1:1 guiding ratio. These dates include 1:1 guiding and have a minimum of 3 to run and a maximum of 4 guests total.

If you would like to arrange this program for a group by custom private arrangement click HERE for a reservation request. 2:1 guiding ratio per person will reduce costs. Peter Croft can be requested for this trip at an additional charge and subject to availability.

Sabre Ridge Climbing Camp - Sequoia National Park

Sabre Ridge from the West

Sabre Ridge from the West

You probably haven’t heard of the Sabre Ridge, because it has been called that for only a short while. Reported to have been first climbed in 2008, it goes to show that there is still a lot for climbers to discover about the Sierra. It is 16 miles in from the nearest trailhead so it is no roadside attraction. We let mules haul the heavy gear and food and we enjoy a spectacular day hike with hydration packs to idyllic Tamarack Lake, where guides and camp staff prepare an appetizer of freshly caught trout while setting up our fully-stocked, deluxe rock climbing basecamp. This itinerary allows 3 climbing days and a relaxation day. The gem of the area is the Sabre Ridge (III, 5.7), an unbelievable blade of granite that ascends to an unnamed peak on the Kings-Kaweah Divide, perhaps of equal or better quality than the famous North ridge of the Piz Badile on the Swiss-Italian border. Think of Matthes Crest, but longer, with more relief on both sides, and with more climbing up than horizontally or down. The Prism is another enticing feature immediately adjacent to the Sabre with featured, orange granite like Charlotte Dome that has yielded excellent 10-13 pitch routes at and beyond 5.9 in difficulty. Mt. Stewart has multiple routes on its North face on outstanding alpine granite with seemingly unlimited hand and finger cracks. Routes ranging from from 5.6 to 5.10. Kind of crazy that you have never been there, eh? Let’s go!

TRIP ITINERARY: Sabre Ridge Climbing Camp
Day 0 Meet at the Wuksachi Lodge for gear check and dinner. Stay at Wuksachi Lodge. Guides collect gear for the packers.
Day 1 Alpine start at Crescent Meadow for a 16 mile hike on the High Sierra Trail to Bearpaw Meadow. From there we take the North fork to Tamarack Lake. Meet our pack stock there and set up climbing basecamp.
Day 2 Climb.
Day 3 Climb. 
Day 4 Sleep, Hike, Fish, Swim, Relax, Repeat.
Day 5 Climb.
Day 6 Hike back to Crescent Meadow. Eat, shower, and pick up gear in Wolverton. Depart late afternoon.


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