Splitboarding 101

Like our Backcountry Skiing 101 course, but designed specifically for snowboarders who want to learn about the beauty of the modern splitboard and the freedom it offers in the mountains.

We currently offer this 1 day course on a custom, private basis only. Please visit our Custom Trips Page to request dates.




Splitboarding 101

Splitboarding is the best way to access the backcountry on a snowboard. You can trudge in on snowshoes (aka “slowshoes”) or approach skis but there is no snowboarding setup as efficient and fun as a splitboard in most backcountry touring situations. It all starts with the process of learning how to operate equipment with cold hands in deep snow and on steep slopes. Uphill movement skills in ski mode are not intuitive to the average snowboarder. Our guides will teach you technique that will take you higher and further with less effort. Combine this course with an avalanche awareness course and you’ll be setup for a lifetime of fun and riding!

Learning Outcomes:
Learn the basics of the care and use of backcountry splitboarding equipment:
Boots (Hard vs. Soft)
Avalanche Safety Equipment
Learn and practice uphill movement techniques
Skinning in Ski Mode
Uphill Travel
Movement Efficiency
Learn and practice downhill techniques
Using Ski Crampons
Preparing for descent
Choosing a line
Managing your group
Riding techniques for backcountry snow conditions
Learn and practice Tour Planning
Learn and practice Route finding, and Navigation in the field
Introduction to Decision Making and Risk Management in the backcountry
Gain the skills to splitboard the backcountry, off-piste from a ski area or from the road in a day.

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