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    Slide backgroundRock the Eastsidewith a Sierra Mountain Guide!
    Slide backgroundExperience a pinnacle achievementin the High Sierra alpine.
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    this summer

    SMG Kids!

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    Rack Up

    with Peter Croft!

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    Learn skills behind the thrills

    with an SMG Rock Skills Course!

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    Climb in the


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    Game on

    in the Owens River


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    Visit the incredible


    Guided Rock climbs in the Sierra Nevada, Yosemite and the European Alps

    On Belay! … At SMG, we have designed rock climbing programs for all ability levels and interests. In our Courses, we examine the skills in a progressive, hands-on approach that will maximize learning potential while maximizing the fun factor. Our world-class climbing schools are based in the unsurpassed venues of the Eastern Sierra, Lover’s Leap, and Red Rock Canyon, and our AMGA Certified instructors are considered the best and most experienced in the business. On short challenging climbs and long multipitch rock marathons, SMG’s Guided Rock Climbs go right to where the rubber meets the rock. Diversity is the spice of the climbing life and we can’t wait to show you all of the cracks, faces, slabs, knobs, sandstone, and perfect sun-drenched granite you have been missing.

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