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    Scramblers/Senders- Kids Climbing Program

    scramblers SMG kids

    Scramblers/Senders- Kids Climbing Program

    Summer 2012 flew by as I had so much fun teaching rock climbing to almost fifty kids from the Eastern Sierra. We had a great mix of ages and abilities, some climbed for the first time and others returned to further develop their skills. In all of the returning climbers I saw an amazing step forward. It was great to see the kids taking climbing seriously, taking responsibility for their learning and turning into real rock climbers. The new kids jumped right into the mix and showed an amazing ability to learn and grow over the five weeks of our program. The motivation these kids have is incredible! Together they learned new knots, hitches, how to belay each other, how to rappel, move more efficiently on the rock and much more.

    The reward for me as an instructor is seeing the beaming faces of these children. Maybe they just climbed to the top of a route that they found challenging, or they might have just mastered a new knot or belayed for the first time, their excitement and enthusiasm is priceless. There are endless opportunities for each child to learn and succeed in a supportive environment on the rocks.

    So hopefully I will see you and your children for our Summer 2013 program. If you have any questions on how to sign up don’t hesitate to contact the office 760.648.1122
    ~Guide Barbara Wanner