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    SMG Alps 2011 Post #12 Hintisberg

    SMG Alps 2011 Post #12 Hintisberg

     John arrived in Grindelwald planning on climbing the Jungfrau and the Eiger.  I met him at his Hotel (Eiger) the night before our trip was to begin.  Our first day led us up another narrow Swiss road to Hintersberg.  After a 45 minutes approach we arrived at the base of the cliff.   The plan was to get some acclimatization and have some fun rock climbing.  I had checked the area out the day before and was pleasantly surprised to find the wall dryer than it was the day before.  We chose a six-pitch climb that wound its way up through water streaks and grass ledges.  With the constant jingle jangle of cowbells ringing in our ears we set off.  The climb was very pleasant with lots of exposure and some interesting grass moves.  We rappelled down a different route and hiked back down to the restaurant near the car.  After a great Kaffee wit Milch we drove back to Grindelwald happy and ready to head up the Jungfrau Joch the next day.

    On the approach with the crag in the background.

    John climbing up between the grass and water streaks.

    Looking across the crag from our route.

    Fun climbing.

    John doing the last rapel on the way down.