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    SMG Alps 2011 Post #3

    SMG Alps 2011 Post #3

    I woke up to cloudy skis this morning but no rain.  It was a busy day of checking out different locations and climbing a couple of Via Ferratas.  I also dove into Saint Moritz to purchase REGA Helicopter Rescue insurance for Tony and Mich.  Tomorrow I will head back to Zurich to pick up Tony and Mich and get the trip started.  All in all another great day in Pontresina.  Stay tuned.

    View of Piz Palu from the Diavolezza (She Devil)

    Climbers on the 1st Via Feratta (Iron Road) of the day. Piz Trovat

    Looking up the steep ladder section.

    An exciting suspension bridge.

    View of Piz Palu

    On the Bridge.

    Looking down on the Bridge.

    On the summit of Piz Trovat with Nathan’s (my son) army guy he gave to bring to Europe.

    Low flying prop pane with Piz Bernina in the background.

    Looking down from the Diavolezza.

    Via Ferratta #2.

    Wild cable bridge.

    Anyone need a rest?

    This cable ladder was like a spider web.

    Looking down on the web.

    The nearby waterfall.

    On the chairlift ride down I caught this shot of some serious avalanche mitigation fences about town.