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    SMG Alps 2011 Post # 6 (Morteratsch)

    SMG Alps 2011 Post # 6 (Morteratsch)

    From the Boval hut we got an early start for the climb of Piz Morteratsch.  The climb included some hiking, rock climbing with new snow on the rock, and some steep glacier climbing.  We were able to scoot past a mountaineering class that was doing the climb with some guides.  After the rock section we broke trail through new snow, setting the track for everyone behind us.  We were fist to summit and had a great climb.  The views were obstructed by the weather and with the threat of more rain we went down the glacier by a different route to the Tchierva hut.  What a great day!

    Tony, Mich, and Bastien in the clouds for the morning start.

    Some tricky rock climbing with new snow to add extra slip.

    The striking summit ridge of Morteratsch.

    The crew on the summit.

    Mich and me on the summit.

    On the way down the clouds broke for a few minutes to allow some great views.  This is looking back at the Diavolezza.

    Looking at the ridge on our way down.  If you look closely you can see some climbers on the ridge.

    Some more fun to get to the next hut.

    The Tchierva hut was a welcome site after a great day.