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    SMG Alps 2011 Post #7 (Piz Roseg)

    SMG Alps 2011 Post #7 (Piz Roseg)

    After a restful night at the Tchierva hut we got a 3am start in the hopes of getting to the summit of Piz Roseg.  The route included a lot of glacier travel, some rock ridge climbing, and then more glaciers to two different summits.  The morning was cloudy and there was the threat of afternoon weather.  We were able to make quick work of the first part of the climb and had some fun breaking trail through new snow on the glacier while looking for crevasses.  When we got to the rock ridge portion of the climb it became evident that with all the new snow we were in for some full winter mixed rock climbing.  With crampons on we started on the ridge.  The climb was tricky and took some time.  About half way through the ridge we decided that going down would be our best option.  We had fun retracing our steps and on the glacier we took some time to do some impromptu ice climbing on one of the crevasses.  Even though we didn’t make it to the summit we had a great day and it sure was nice to get back to the warm hut as it began to snow!

    Looking at the rock ridge on our way down.

    Getting ready at 3am.
    Looking up at Piz Roseg with an cloud cap.

    Breaking trail on the glacier.

    Full wither mixed climbing conditions on the ridge.

    Looking back at the rock ridge on our way down.

     Here is a video of Tony doing some single ice axe climbing on a crevasse.  The view looks like the terrain is flat but it was steep to vertical.