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    SMG Alps 2011 Post #9 ("Rest Day")

    SMG Alps 2011 Post #9 ("Rest Day")


    Our “rest” day found us heading to the via ferrata (iron road) in Pontresina.  After some amazing exposure and fun climbing we took a rest break on the bench at the half waypoint. More fun led us to the top and the restaurant for some treats.  We stuffed ourselves and then rode the lift back to town.  The next day we drove from Pontresina to Greindelwald only to find that they had just received 50cm of new snow.  The routes we had in mind were out of shape due to avalanche conditions and new snow on rock.  We juggled our options: Italy (forecast for rain), Mediterranean (single pitch rock climbing), Zermatt (less new snow).  We decided on Zermatt to stay with the alpine theme and took off from Grindelwald the next morning.  The drive found us winding around on the narrow twisting roads of Switzerland on our way to the train.  We drove our cars right onto the train, which then took us through a long tunnel and to better weather in Visp.  We drove toward Zermatt and then up a crazy narrow winding road to the trailhead for the Bodier hut.  A beautiful four hour hike found us at the small and quaint Bodier hut.
    On the approach to the Via Ferrata.

    Tony enjoying the iron road.


    Rest break. Ha!

    Mich working the spider web.

    Too bad the views weren’t so good.

    The restaurant at the top. MMMM.    
    The nice weather in Grindelwald.

    Loads of new snow on the Eiger.

    Packing up the cars.

    Riding the train with the cars.
    Starting the approach to the Bodier hut.

    On the approach with the Glacier in the background.

    The Bodier hut on the ridge.

    Looking down at the bridge off the glacier.

    Some local wildlife.

    The Bodier Hut.