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    Start of SMG Alps 2011 Post #2

    Start of SMG Alps 2011 Post #2

    The day started off rainy and looked to be very wet.  I spent the morning getting organized and putting together information for Tony and Mich.  I heard some great news from US Airways. they found my bag and would deliver it tomorrow.  Around 11 I decided to go out and see what I could find.  My travels took me to a wet but fun trail through the clouds.  At the top I found a restaurant that served an excellent cafe with warm milk.  After my mid day coffee I went down the chairlift back to Pontresina.  I didn’t get too wet and it was great to stretch the legs.  It began to rain in town again so I took off in the Renault and checked out some trail-heads.  I was able to drive through St. Moritz to Bondo where we will launch for the climb of Piz Badile.  All in all a great day capped off with a cool street festival with all kinds of people and local wares.   Tomorrows weather looks to be better so I will head up into the hills to get some beta, and maybe tackle a vie ferrata or two. 

    Looking down several hundred feet to the river on the main street in Pontresina.

    Just outside of town on my walk I found these great flowers.

    Looking at town from the trail.

    A cool creek through the clouds.

    The view of the lift from Alp Languard restaurant.

    Ridding down the lift.  If you look closely you can see that the lift makes a turn to the left.  I’ve never seen a lift do that before!

    A random castle poking out on the way down the lift.

    The view from Bernina Pass

    Bernina Pass

    Driving back from Bondo.  If you look closely you can see this crazy road cutting through the hill.  Wild driving! Especially with the logging trucks coming down.

    View of the top of the lift and the restaurant at Alp Languard where I had the coffee.