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    Summery Summary, Part 3: "Listers"

    Summery Summary, Part 3: "Listers"

    Jed’s final post of the summer.  After one more Palisades trip he’ll head to Washington for an AMGA exam.  He’ll be back in October:  Bring on couloirs and rock climbing!

    Forgive me, but I like to find themes that unify chunks of time in my memory.  My summer, 2012 has been easily divisible by 4: Part 1- Sweet sending.  Part 2- Big traversing.  Part 3- Family time.  Finally, this latter portion of my personal summer, has been chock-full of peak-bagging “listers”.  I have spent a ton of time in the mountains with you folks who seek out the ticklists.  State high-pointers, county high-pointers, threshold listers (14ers, 13ers, 12ers, 11ers, even 10ers… yes, I’m serious), run-a-marathon-in-every-staters… the list of listers could go on and on.  Each person’s lists are different, each persons motivations are personal, and everyone’s tactics are unique.  What unites all of you is that you feel the need to somehow apologize for who you are.  And that’s a shame.  Own it!  Find that motivation, go beyond what you think you can do, visit those places that no one else visits.  Rest assured that you are not alone and that we do not think you are ridiculous.  
    Peakbagger extraordinaire, Teresa G. nearing the summit of Dragon Peak.  #840 something out of the “highest 1000 peaks in the contiguous US”.  Shazam!
    Cardio monster Joe L. on Thunderbolt’s summit block.  Tough to get time away from work and family? Trying to climb all the lower 48 14ers and all the state highpoints and run a marathon in each state?  Just be uber fit, duh.
    Fascinated with the lists?  Looking to go beyond the 14ers?  Yeah me too.  Teresa introduced me to listsofjohn.com.  To say “the list goes on” is an understatement.