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    The Southeast Ridge of Mount Russell (III, 5.9) is a classic alpine gem of a route that gets relatively little traffic or mention by guidebook authors. There are 7 different guidebooks for climbing on Mount Russell in my library and the route is listed in...

    SMG Guide Jed Porter and Chad Buelow just returned from a grand adventure in Sequoia National Park. Here is a short video Jed made that tells the story! ...

      Incredible! Colin Murphy and I sent the Red Dihedral route on the Hulk this week. What a phenomenal trip it was - perfect weather, long days, warm granite, and good company. Colin said it was his hardest and best alpine climb to date, and what...

    Which route is better, the East Face or the East Buttress? The classic question we get regarding technical routes on Mount Whitney. Well, do you like chocolate or vanilla? Very different flavors, both immensely pleasurable. Let's break it down. The Line One of the major considerations when evaluating...

    Vatche Bezdikian and I had a wonderful trip to the Whitney zone this past week. Conditions were excellent, weather was crisp yet accommodating, The rock was dry and warm in the sun, and the company was top shelf. We climbed the East Buttress on Mount...