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    Traverse the Sierra on a mind blowing adventure of either 6 days of backpacking, or an ultra-lightweight 4-day fastpacking style!

    $1400 / per person
    6 or 4 Days

    Onion Valley to Mount Whitney traverses one of the highest and wildest sections of California's High Sierra.

    $1900 / per person
    7 Days

    The most scenic and classic backpacking loop in the High Sierra, the Evolution Loop is one breathtaking vista after another.

    $855 / per person
    3,4, or 5 Days

    BOOK NOW More Info The Rae Lakes Loop is an incredible 50+ mile journey that climbs over 12,000 vertical feet in 6 days, offering endless granite vistas, ample swimming holes, and plenty of solitude away from the popular John Muir Trail. Not to be confused...

    $1400 / per person
    6 Days