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    Let Peter Croft coach you to a breakthrough in your outdoor climbing ability.

    $1045 / per person
    2 Days

    Peter Croft will teach you technique to float up cracks of various shapes and sizes with maximum efficiency and enjoyment.

    $580 / per person
    1 Day

    A 5-day summer rock climbing program for kids ages 5-12.

    $425 / per person
    5 Days

    A 5-day summer rock climbing program for kids ages 9-12.

    $375 / per person
    5 Days

    Rock climbing is not a sport reserved for extreme athletes.

    $150 / per person
    1/2 Day

    Our self-rescue course will teach you techniques to deal quickly and safely with many situations.

    $950 / per person
    2 Days

    If you've always dreamed of venturing into the vertical world or you’re looking for a thrilling outing for your family, this intro class is perfect for you.

    $242 / per person
    1 Day

    Our advanced rock climbing course will give you the skills you will need to take the next step.

    $275 / per person
    1 Day