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    This course will have you quickly making the transition from ski resort addict to backcountry junkie.

    $320 / per person
    1 Day

    This is a great course for experienced backcountry enthusiasts who want to learn techniques to go farther, faster, longer, bigger, and steeper, yet still have the energy to enjoy the goods.

    $630 / per person
    2 Days

    The Eastern Sierra is well-known for its easy access to hundreds of ski summits.

    $825 / per person
    2 Days

    Best bang for your ski buck in the Sierra!

    $585 / per person
    1 Day +

    For folks on a Mammoth Mountain holiday, at only $165 per person this introductory program is a convenient and low-cost way to experience the backcountry for the first time with a guide.

    $195 / per person
    1/2 Day

    We offer the classic resort interconnect tour between Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain, with special focus on making quality downhill runs along the way.

    $835 / per person
    2 Days

    The Ritter Range is one of the most rugged and beautiful sections of the High Sierra crest.

    $1800 / per person
    6 Days