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    Mount Rainier via the Kautz Glacier Route (14,410 feet) - A climb of Mount Rainier is a challenging undertaking no matter what route is taken, but a climb of the Kautz Glacier Route is an experience that most will remember for a lifetime!

    $2995 / per person
    5 days

    Bear Creek Spire is one of the best summits in the Sierra.

    $1100 / per person
    2 Days

    The Incredible Hulk is striking and begs to be climbed.

    $910 / per person
    3 Days

    The North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak is a remarkable granite ridge climb.

    $715 / per person
    2 Days

    We offer a 3-day standard and 4-day porter supported itineraries.

    $2530 / per person
    3 or 4 Days

    Climb Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the 48 states, by a classic technical rock climb from the East.

    $1150 / per person
    3 Days

    Climb the highest mountain in the lower 48 states.

    $1110 / per person
    3 Days

    Climbing Mount Whitney in winter is a big undertaking.

    $1485 / per person
    4 Days

    Mt. Russell is right next door to Mt. Whitney and an amazing way to summit both incredible peaks.

    $2310 / per person
    4 Days