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    AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course

    AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course

    per person

    The 3 Day Single Pitch instructor course is for those who will be working in single pitch environments such as summer camps and gyms.

    The 3 Day Single Pitch instructor course is for those who will be working in single pitch environments such as summer camps and gyms. The AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program is the only nationally and internationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program.

    This program requires a minimum of 3 participants to run. We offer this program on scheduled dates only and not on a custom private basis.

    No other organization in the United States offering training in single pitch terrain can make that claim.

    The AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Program is the only nationally and internationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program. In 2009 the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program was recognized for meeting the “training standards” of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) and was granted the prestigious title of “Approved Association.” No other organization in the United States offering training in single pitch terrain can make that claim. Also, the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program is recognized by many land managers, insurance companies, other associations and of course the general public. The AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program has been created to fit in the AMGA Rock Discipline training program, taking off from the AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Program and greatly improving the instructor’s skill sets and integrating into the next level of training, the AMGA Rock Instructor Course. The SPI Program curriculum has been designed with this in mind and many of the SPI Program Providers work teaching higher level courses for the AMGA and serve on the AMGA’s Technical Committee so they are actively involved in all levels of instructor and guide training in the AMGA.

    The program is for current, active rock climbers that have a real desire to teach the rock climbing to novices in a single pitch setting. Candidates should be passionate rock climbers that have their own equipment, regularly climb and have been rock climbing outdoors for at least 12 months. Candidates could be current University Professors that teach climbing, Climbing Instructors, Scout Leaders, Summer Camp Professionals or climbers that wish to achieve additional training, experience and certification to gain employment as a Climbing Instructor in the Outdoor Industry. The SPI will be able to proficiently facilitate and instruct the sport of rock climbing in a single pitch setting.

    For the purpose of the SPI Program a single pitch climb is one which:

    • Is climbed without intermediate belays and presents no difficulties on approach or retreat, such as route finding, scrambling or navigating.

    Course Length
    The SPI Program is a three-day (27 hour) training course and separate two day (16 hour) assessment. Certification lasts for three years as long as the candidate keeps current AMGA Membership and First Aid Certification. After three years current SPI’s can re-take the SPI Assessment to re-gain the SPI certification. Taking any higher level AMGA Course also re-certifies the SPI certification for another three years.

    SPI Program Hours and Ratios
    The SPI Course is:

    1. A minimum of 27 hours, normally run as three consecutive nine hour days or day classes with evening sessions.
    2. SPI Courses will not exceed a ratio of six students to one current SPI Program Provider.
    3. The maximum number of students on any SPI Program will be twelve.

    Prerequisites for Single Pitch Instructor Course
    You meet the pre-requisites for the SPI course if you:

    • Have a genuine interest in rock climbing and instructing novices on single pitch crags.
    • Are at least 18 years old at the time of the course.
    • Have at least 12 months prior climbing experience.
    • Are an active climber with traditional lead climbing experience (leader placing pro).
    • Have trad lead climbed a minimum of 15 graded rock climbing routes (any grade).
    • Are capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.

    The above pre-requisites are absolute minimums and most candidates have way in excess of the above. Without having at least this amount experience you are unlikely to play a constructive part on the course or be able to make best use of the training. If you are unsure of your skill levels we suggest hiring an AMGA/IFMGA certified guide to evaluate and enhance your skills and experience prior to SPI Program enrollment.

    3 Days
    • Included
      American Mountain Guides Association
      climbing skills
      guide course
      professional development
      single pitch instructor
    • Not Included
      3D chute
      3rd pillar
      3rd Pillar Dana
      AIARE 1
      AIARE 2
      Alaska skiing
      alpine climbing
      alpine rock climbing
      Alps climbing
      Alps running
      Alps skiing
      Alps trilogy
      avalanche awareness
      avalanche course
      backcountry 101
      backcountry ski
      Backcountry Skiing
      backcountry snowboard
      Bear Creek Spire
      Berner Oberland
      Bernese Oberland
      Bishop Skyline
      Blacksmith Peak
      Bloody Mountain
      California fourteeners
      Cardinal Pinnacle
      Carson Peak
      Celestial Aretes
      Chamonix climbing
      Charlotte Dome
      classic rock climb
      classic Sierra rock
      climbing camp
      climbing Swiss Alps
      Clyde Minaret
      Convict Creek
      courses instruction
      Crest tour
      Crystal Crag
      custom private ski
      Dana Plateau
      Devil's Slide
      Dolomites climbing
      Double Eagle Resort
      Dream Bowl
      East Buttress
      East Face
      Eastern Sierra climbing
      Eastern Sierra skiing
      Eastern Sierra Winter
      Evolution Loop
      Fishhook Arete
      Four Seasons
      Glass Creek
      Haute Route
      heli assisted
      heli skiing
      Hemlock Ridge
      High Sierra
      High Sierra skiing
      high tour
      Horse Creek
      Horsetail Falls
      Hut to Hut
      ice 101
      ice axe
      ice climbing
      ice climbing course
      Incredible Hulk
      intermediate level
      introductory ice climbing course
      John Muir Trail
      John Muir Wilderness
      June Lake
      June Mountain
      Kautz Glacier
      kids climbing programs
      Las Vegas
      lee vining
      Lee Vining area
      lee vining canyon
      level 1
      level 1 refresher
      level 2
      light and fast
      Lone Pine
      Lone Pine Peak
      Lovers Leap
      Mammoth Lakes
      Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite
      Mammoth Mountain
      Mammoth to June
      Mammoth to Yosemite
      Matterhorn Peak
      McGee Creek
      Merriam Peak
      mixed climbing
      Mont Blanc
      Mont Blanc run
      Mount Conness
      Mount Dana
      Mount Emerson
      Mount Gabb
      Mount Humphreys
      Mount Mills
      Mount Rainier
      mountain running
      Mountaineers Route
      Mt Conness
      Mt. Dana
      Mt. Emerson
      Mt. Humphreys
      Mt. Russell
      Mt. Sill
      Mt. Tom
      Mt. Whitney
      Mt. Winchell
      North Palisade
      North Peak
      north ridge
      onion valley to mt. whitney
      Owens River Gorge
      pack outfit
      pack support
      Palisades Glacier Camp
      peak descents
      Peter Croft
      Pine Creek
      Polemonium Peak
      Positive Vibrations
      private custom
      Red and White Mountain
      Red Dihedral
      red rock
      Red Slate Mountain
      rescue skills
      Ritter Range
      rock 201
      rock climbing
      Rock Creek
      Rock Creek to Mammoth
      Sabre Ridge
      San Joaquin Ridge
      self arrest
      self belay
      self rescue
      Sequoia National Park
      Sierra 5.10
      sierra alpine
      Sierra Mountain Guides
      Sierra Nevada
      Sierra skiing
      ski guiding
      ski mountaineering
      ski tour
      ski touring
      snow skills
      sport climbing
      Starlight Peak
      Temple Crag
      third pillar
      Thompson Pass
      Thunderbolt Peak
      trad climbing
      trail running
      Twin Lakes
      Ultra Trail Mont Blanc
      Via Ferrata
      white line
      wilderness trip
      yosemite national park
      Yosemite ski
      Yost Meadow
      Zermatt Valley

    SPI Course Overview

    The following three day outline is the standard progression for the SPI Course. Your course may have a different daily schedule and it is acceptable for Program Providers to do this as long as the entire curriculum is covered in your course. Program Providers may add to the curriculum on your course but must not omit pieces. SPI Program providers must make it clear when they are teaching outside the curriculum and should not evaluate beyond the curriculum. The course is normally run over three consecutive nine hour days but as long as all the curriculum is covered over 27 hours the course could be run over separate weekends or even as a semester class. You will need to purchase the Falcon AMGA Single Pitch Instructor manual prior to the start of your cousre. We have some "library "editions available upon request with prior arrangements.
    Day 1
    • Session 1: SPI and AMGA Program Overview
    • Session 2: Professionalism
    • Session 3: Equipment
    • Session 4: Knots and Hitches
    • Session 5: Belaying
    • Session 6: Protection and Anchoring
    • Session 7: Teaching
    • End of Day Debriefs
    Day 2
    • Session 8: The Climbing Site
    • Session 9: Site Organization and Group Management
    • Session 10: Base Managed Sites
    • Session 11: Assistance Skills - Base Managed Sites
    • Session 12: Programming and Risk Management
    • End of Day Debriefs
    Day 3
    • Session 13: Instructor Demo Lead Climb
    • Session 14: Top Managed Sites
    • Session 15: Lowering
    • Session 16: Assistance Skills - Top Managed Sites
    • Session 17: Rappelling
    • Session 18: Climbing Movement
    • Session 19: Review Sessions
    • Final Individual and Group Debriefs