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    Intro to Alpine Rock Climbing

    Intro to Alpine Rock Climbing

    $1750 per person

    BOOK NOW More Info The goal of the Intro to Alpine Rock Climbing Course is to offer a thorough introduction to various climbing disciplines that can be safely utilized in an adventuresome alpine setting. Your course will begin at Crystal Crag in the Mammoth Lakes…

    The goal of the Intro to Alpine Rock Climbing Course is to offer a thorough introduction to various climbing disciplines that can be safely utilized in an adventuresome alpine setting. Your course will begin at Crystal Crag in the Mammoth Lakes Basin where you will learn rappelling and belay techniques, in addition to movement over vertical rock for multiple rope lengths. The following days will be spent in the Eastern Sierra backcountry where you’ll climb one of the most classic summits in all the Sierra, Bear Creek Spire. This will allow you to put your newly learned skills to the test in an incredible alpine setting, while remaining focused on moving efficiently over vertical and fourth class terrain. Your final day will take you on a climb of Little Lakes Peak which will allow for more practice of your newly learned skillsets in addition to offering a new perspective on the surrounding peaks before descending back to the car. This course is thoughtfully designed to train you in all the alpine skills required to achieve your goal of summiting an alpine peak with confidence.

    The dates we have scheduled here have a minimum of 2 to run and a maximum guiding ratio of 2:1.  This trip is also offered as a Custom Private Trip at our Custom Private rates. 


    Summer 2024 Dates:

    • July 10-14
    • August 1-5
    • September 4-8
    5 Days
    Day 1: Crystal Crag Day
    Your first day will start at the Crystal Crag, a granite formation topping out at 10,364 feet, that can be seen from nearly anywhere in the Mammoth Lakes Basin. You will spend the day focused on movement over vertical rock and 4th class terrain as this venue has a wide variety of climbing options that includes many cracks, dikes, and knobs. You will also focus on belay technique, rappelling in an alpine environment, appropriate anchors, as well as various roped travel techniques. The relatively short approach, which can take anywhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour, in addition to the shelter from the afternoon sun, make this a premier and beautiful location for learning these new techniques.

    Day 2: Skills Day and Prep for Overnight Trip
    Day two will consist of utilizing a local crag near Mammoth Lakes in order to further develop climbing techniques and to begin learning important skills such as anchors, rock protection, moving back and forth from easy, moderate and difficult climbing, and rope management. The couple of hours of the day will be spent working on a tour plan and preparing for the overnight portion of the trip.

    * Days 1 and 2 can be switched if weather, climber experience and conditions dictate.

    Day 3: Hike to camp at Dade Lake
    Your third day will start at one of the highest trailheads in the Eastern Sierra, Mosquito Flat, at an elevation around 10,230 feet. From there, you will hike on a well-maintained trail in a beautiful alpine setting with views of Mount Starr, Mount Abbot, Mount Dade, and Bear Creek Spire to name a few. After about 3 miles, you will take a climbers trail towards your campsite for the evening, Dade Lake, while your guide discusses backcountry camping considerations. In addition to hiking into Dade Lake, you will also focus on learning ice ax, crampon, and self arrest techniques as well as movement through steep snow. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to practice building anchors and the belaying techniques that you learned the previous day.

    Day 4: Bear Creek Spire Summit Day
    All of your hard work over the last few days will pay off as you’ll be climbing one of the most classic spires in the Eastern Sierra. Topping out at 13,713 feet, Bear Creek Spire offers many high quality routes on solid granite with absolutely spectacular views in every direction.While climbing the peak, your day will focus around safe and efficient movement skills on a multi-pitch rock climb while route finding in an alpine setting. Bear Creek Spire is a must-do Eastern Sierra classic on any aspiring alpine climber’s tick list.

    Day 5: Little Lakes Peak* and Hike out
    If the group is up for it, you will continue to apply all the new techniques and skill sets you’ve been learning over the last few days for your final climb of Little Lakes Peak. Topping out at 12785ft, this peak offers very featured granite and a new perspective on the surrounding terrain. After descending from your final summit, you will pack your camp, and hike back to the Mosquito Flat Trailhead.

    * indicates an optional climb