Trip Report – Mammoth to June via the Ritter Range, “A Tale of 2 Aussies”

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From March 10-13, 2014, I had a chance to spend some quality ski time with two “mates” from the land down under. JP Darby and Mike Garret were certainly Men At Work out there but they know how to play too on skis in our Sierra Mountains. What a pleasure it was to show these guys around in our backyard including the spectacular Ritter Range where they could not believe we saw nobody in 3 days. Enjoy this video SMG Trip Report!


  1. very inspiring, reminds me of how worth it is to earn your turns, after a below average sierra snow pack and a season of riding lifts, this awesome report
    inspires me to get out of the resort and back into natures wild snow. Thanks for the motivation!!!!

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