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    Tulainyo Lake

    Tulainyo Lake

    Negotiating the Ebersbacher Ledges in uncharacteristically cloudy conditions

     The mountains draw all kinds of people on all kinds of missions.  Sean started calling and brainstorming with us months and months ago.  He has an avid and personal interest in history, especially when it comes to Owens Valley and water.  Sean educated us all on his family history, the history of water-rights and access advocacy in Owens Valley communities and how these things align.  In the spirit of Father John Crowley, Sean came to us to help him recreate the Wedding of the Waters.  

    With Clouds in and out, the hike to Upper Boyscout Lake was as beautiful as can be!
    We woke in the dark at UBSL in order to reach Tulainyo Lake before forecast weather closed in.

    Fresh snow from the week prior made the north slope from Russell-Carillon Col to Tulainyo lake unsafe to negotiate.  We “settled” for the pass, which turned out to be even better than lake-side would have been.
    The forecast weather closing in around us and Mt. Whitney.  We worked our way back down to Whitney Portal as the clouds swirled all around us.  What a beautiful day to celebrate water, in all it’s phases:  Liquid, solid, vapor!