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    Wounded Warriors 2014!

    Wounded Warriors 2014!

    For more than five  years now we have had the privilege of donating a day of climbing to the Wounded Warriors program.  ESDS (Eastern Sierra Disable Sports) has a spring program for the Wounded Warriors that provides incredible mountain opportunities for disabled veterans and their families. For a week each spring guests participate in a myriad of mountain activities.  There is fishing, boating, kayaking, hand biking, hiking, camping, climbing, and much, much more.  ESDS has built this program into a complete community event.  There are tons of local volunteers, businesses, restaurants, caterers, musicians, guides, cowboy poets, and many others that participate in this well coordinated event. At SMG we are just one small cog in the overall experience. Typically we provide a climbing day at the end of the program.

    For me this program is an opportunity to take a serious look at the sacrifice our Wounded Warriors have made to maintain our way of life.  So much of what they do, and have done, goes unnoticed as we live our free, happy, and quite lives. It speaks volumes that most Americans have no idea of what goes on in our military around the world, and here at home. Having the opportunity to provide these incredible people with a challenge like rock climbing  has taught me to see my way of life in a new way. And hopefully it has provided an opportunity for them to smile, have some fun, and possibly see their life in a new way as well.

    Thanks to all the volunteers and to the Wounded Warriors that have participated over the years.

    -All of us from SMG.